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Bogue Profumo Maai - 4 Star Rating in Perfumes The Guide 2018 (Luca Turin & Tania Sanchez )

Bogue Profumo Eau D'E BogueEauDE

Antonio Gardoni - Creator Of Bogue Profumo is an Architect by trade who has turned his creative and spatial talents towards Scent. Antonio wanted to preserve moments of scent smells that he loves and so created Bogue a small batch perfumery using only natural ingredients and that wear close to the skin. Currently he has 3 fragrances in Limited supply. Eau'D'E,  Cologne Reloaded &Maai
Cologne reloaded reatils for 130 euros (180 USD) for 30 ml (1 oz)

From architecture and design I learned how to build by layers and to think by subtraction. My perfumes are rooms to discover with their mood, texture, light and color. 
I create contemporary fragrances with ancient techniques and modern intuitions.

From the infusion in alcohol of resins, woods, roots and metals I create some of the solvents I use to dissolve rare and high quality raw ingredients found in my trips. From steam distillation I extract the essential oils to create odors and fragrances.  I work at night when the light doesn’t adulterate the chemicals and when the smells of the day disappear to leave space to new experiments of shadows.

Maai by Bogue is a Unisex Floral Woody Musk fragrance, launched in Oct 2014. The nose behind this fragrance is Antonio Gardoni. Notes: tuberose, rose, jasmine, and ylang ylang, Aldehydes, musk, civet, castoreum, hyraceum, dried fruits, resins, sandalwood, oakmoss

Luckyscent Description
Maai is a stunning accomplishment in modern perfumery as it marries the very best of old-school chypre glamour and bold animalics with a refined elegance and smoothness. It opens with a burst of incredibly mossy greenness, fused with roses, jasmine, and green tuberose, all sprinkled with a transparent veil of golden, glittering aldehydes. The plush bouquet is mesmerizing in its depth, and harkens back to a time before IFRA/EU regulations, but it’s truly heart-stopping when combined with the animalic elements. 

Musky, leathered, and skanky, they cast a mighty roar that transforms the delicate swirl of feminine florals into something more unisex with a masculine touch that will appeal to fans of the legendary Kouros or Muscs Koublai Khan. As Maai unfolds, balsamic resins awaken in the base to add subtle streaks of smokiness and honeyed sweetness. At the same time, the amber slowly turns the whole fragrance deeper, richer, and softer, coating the musky leather in its warmth and taming its skanky cry. In its drydown, Maai transforms into golden velvet with a smooth, plush mix of amber, musk, and oakmoss. 

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