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Hermes Bel Ami Vetiver

Hermes Bel Ami original Vintage EDT HERMESBELAMIVINTAGE
French house Hermès has launched Bel Ami Vétiver, the first in a projected series of classic Hermès fragrances reworked by house perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena. Bel Ami Vétiver is a variation on 1986's Bel Ami, a leathery chypre originally developed by perfumer Jean-Louis Sieuzac.

Without disrupting the past order – the same balance, the same confident elegance, the same classic structure – Jean-Claude Ellena created his own interpretation of Bel Ami based on a new ingredient: vetiver. From chypre leather to woody leather: now the light of warm, woody, green vetiver, with a very subtle smokiness, becomes the centrepiece, replacing the patchouli of before.

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