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Leather Fragrances for Women - Pick Your Leather Scents Sampler - PIck 3 High End Samples

Leather Sampler 1 ML ~ Your choice ~ Pick 5 LEATHERSAMPLER1ML
Leather is most often associated with the west - leather saddles, boots, but it also has a very modern luxury feel. This sampler includes High end scents that represent modern luxury leather.  Pick in multiples of 3. Quantity of 1 = 3 samples.  Quantity of 2 = 6 samples and so on. Sizes start at 1/2 ml. Please note your choices in the box provided.& enjoy your leather fragrances .

Pick in multiples of 3 from the following  - all choices must be different from each other - no duplicates please. If you wish to procur larger amounts of one fragrance please purchase it directly from that fragrance page.


  1. Atelier Gold Leather 
  2. Byredo Accord Oud 
  3. David Jourquin Cuir de reve 
  4. David Jourquin Cuir Altesse 
  5. Hermessence Cuir D'Ange 
  6. Le Labo Cuir 28 1/2
  7. Maria Candida gentile Barry Lyndon 
  8. Molyneux Fete Vintage EDT 
  9. mona di orio Cuir 
  10. Montale aoud Leather 
  11. Nasomatto Duro 
  12. Olfactive Studio Chambre noire 
  13. Serge Lutens Boxeuses 
  14. Serge Lutens Cuir Mauresque 
  15. Serge Lutens Daim Blond 
  16. Serge Lutens Fumerie Turque 
  17. Tauer Lonestar Memories 
  18. Tom Ford bois Rouge 
  19. Tom Ford Tuscan Leather 
  20. Unsound Bass Ephemera 
  21. Yves Saint Layrent Noble Leather 

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