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Mona Di Orio - Signature Collection - Lux EDP


Lux was creted in 2006 by mona di orio. It starts off with a sparkling, sweet, and citrusy burst of Sicilian lemon and a lemongrass note from the Litsea cubeba, a tree in the evergreen family that is found in parts of Asia. This bright sweetness is tempered by the bitter-green herb note petitgrain signaling that, in spite of its name, Lux has more than a one-track mind. 

Darker tones of amber, benzoin, labdanum and vanilla add a creamy, heavier mood to Lux, while vetiver, cedar and sandalwood add texture and woods. While Lux’s bright notes can still be felt in the drydown, an almost gourmand darkness takes over. To Lux’s warmth and creaminess, di Orio adds another surprise as Lux takes on an unexpected dimension: an animalic drydown that lists musk in the notes, but that smells like civet to the nose. 

Like a walk in the woods as the day’s light dims and the animal mystery of the forest is released, Lux’s transformation is an olfactory wonder to behold.

Sicilian lemon, Litsea cubeba, petitgrain Bigarade South Africa, Haitian vetiver, Moroccan cedarwood, Mysore Sandalwood, Musk, amber, Siamese benzoin, bourbon vanilla and cistus labdanum

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