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Serge Lutens selection d'Or Renard Constrictor Extrait

Serge Lutens L'Eau Froide SLEAUFROIDE

Section d'Or is a new luxury line from Serge Lutens. It began with the launching of L'Incendiare ("The Arsonist") which was the first pure parfum from Serge Lutens as well as his first foray into the use of oud in one of his fragrances. This line was named Section d'Or (Golden Section) to describe a breakaway, a separation from his current line of fragrances. This exclusive collection is the brand’s ultimate creation and when it comes to choosing the ingredients to be used in each of the scents, only the finest quality is used, no expense spared. This is Serge Lutens at the culmination of his art. He has chosen not to release any notes from the fragrances within this collection. Each description or list of notes that I have describing the fragrance were obtained from various perfume blog sites.

Serge Lutens Section d'Or Renard Constrictor (Fox Constrictor) - "The memory is but fleeting, it refuses to remain in my conscience. Like a timid furry creature, it retracts at a caress. It is a fear that stifles the hero.” (From Serge Lutens PR material)  Renard Constrictor is a seductive luxurious white floral bouquet including, tuberose, neroli, jasmine and gardenia that is a modern take on  vintage fur perfumes such as Weil Zibeline and Boucheron where musks and animalic notes make this an opulent lascivious parfum




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